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                   Behind the Lens. Enjoy seeing me working at what I love the most.

Behind the LensEnjoy watching me working at weddings.

Hi! I'm Deanna. 

Photography has been my passion since the film days. I received my first camera when I was officially adopted at the age of 12. Since I didn't have any baby pictures of myself, I was obsessed with getting as many pictures as I could. As a teenager, film and developing was getting expensive, but I didn't let it stop me. I would get as much film as I could and develop it later when I had money. I soon turned into my family's personal photographer.  I never left home without a camera, and learned to adapt to the ever changing cameras.  In high school, I took photography and absolutely loved having more control of the image.  In college I continued to follow my passion with more photography classes (at the time film was turning into digital, exciting!) I soon loved digital and I was ecstatic that I could take unlimited pictures with memory cards and didn't have to wait for development.  I would drive all over Colorado to take landscape pictures.

In 2007 I visited Europe for 2 1/2 months, it was a trip that changed my life. Because of my trip to Europe I knew photography was my passion and thats what I wanted to do full time. I quickly enrolled in the Art Institute and got my first professional digital camera with lenses. I knew photography was what I wanted to do, and I would do anything I could to achieve that dream. In 2009 I photographed my  first wedding and fell in love.  I worked for a freelance company for several years and shot over 200 weddings for them. From that experience I learned the ins and outs of wedding photography and know exactly what it takes. Over the next several years I've worked for other various photography companies and learned more about posing, how to get good smiles, glass glare, etc. I also had many opportunities to learn more about family, senior and newborn photography.   In 2014 my ultimate dream became reality when I opened Drive the Image. It took me over 25 years to make my dreams come true, but I wake up everyday feeling blessed that I am able to do what I love. 

I can't wait to share my knowledge and passion with you and capture beautiful memories for you and your family!


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